Sawubona friends! (That’s hello as said in South Africa)

Welcome to the fascinating land of South Africa. It is a spectacular country with beautiful beaches, giant grasslands, wonderful wildlife and marvellous mountains. South Africa is nicknamed The Rainbow Nation. South Africa has three capital cities, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Pretoria. Africa also has a rich history and we learnt about their old tribes, their culture, drums, masks etc.

Our favourite part was the trip to Kruger National Park which is South Africa’s most famous Safari. There we could see the “Big Five”: lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants. Africa is home to a wide variety of animals. It was scary but wonderful to see them and learn about them. Bird watching was also so much fun!

Here are some fun activities to introduce you to the amazing Wildlife of South Africa. Have fun!

1)      Make your own African Animal Miniatures

Use this kit to make miniature giraffe and Zebra and play with them. These can be perfect to decorate your table or mantle.


2)      Make your own African Drum

Use this kit to make your own African Drum model. You can make it, decorate it and play lively African beats on it. Don’t forget to make your friends and family dance to its music!

3)      The Jungle Trail Game

Our Safari Camper has lost his way in the jungle. Help him reach his base safely in this exciting game. Play with your friends and see who reaches the camp site first!


4)      The African Adventure Map

Here is a beautiful illustrated wall size African Map with puzzles and riddles are also packed in the kit all the way from South Africa. Solve them to reach South Africa from the campsite!


5)      Wild Wall hanging

Make your own beautiful Wildlife wall hanging and decorate it in your room!