Toys are very important in helping your kid learn how things work. Moreover, in the process of playing with them, your baby will also develop some new ideas, which helps her/his imagination grow. So, while buying a toy, there are some factors that you need to consider:

  - Analyze if your child will be with the toy for a long time or if he/she would get bored of it.
  - Buy something that your baby would be able to interact with.
  - Check for the durability of the toy.
  - Be sure that it isn’t similar to the one that your child already owns.
  - Analyze if the toy is in any way useful to fuel your baby’s imagination.

best educational toys for 6 year old kids

Educational toys are those which pass the above conditions. If you have a 6 year old at home, then you can save the trouble. Globe Trotters Box, an Indian company, has the best educational toys for 6 year old kids.

How Globe Trotters Box Provide The Best Educational Toys For 6 Year Old Kids

Globe Trotters Box have toys which will help your kid to explore different places and understand different cultures. They offer kits which have a number of DIY activities which help kids learn easily.

They make learning fun and interesting for your kids with creative educational toys. Read on to know some of the educational toys in India they have to offer.

Australia Box

Australia is the smallest continent in the world, known for its Great Barrier Reef. Australians used the Boomerang as a weapon for hunting.

With this kit, you kid can make a cute mini aquarium, a rain-stick which he could play and color a boomerang all he wants! 

Egypt Box

creative educational toys

The home of the longest river in the world, Egypt is known for its ancient civilization. It also houses the Pyramid of Giza, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Introduce your kid to the Egyptian Mummies with this kit! Your child will also learn how to make an Ancient Egyptian Collar with this kit! 

The website also offers USA, UK, Japan and Italy. All of them have unique souvenirs which your child can collect. However, this is not the end of the website’s best educational toys for 6 year old kids.

Subscription Boxes for kids

To make it more convenient to provide the best educational toys for 6 year old kids, the website also offers 6 months and 3 months subscription kits. The 6 month subscription kit includes Australia, Japan, USA, Italy, UK and Egypt while the 3 month subscription kit includes Japan, Egypt and Australia. You’ll be sent one box every month until the subscription period expires.

Globe Trotters Mini Suitcase – Educational toys kids

This is a kid-friendly suitcase which is made of cardboard. It would go well with the monthly subscription kit. Now, stop your search for the best educational toys for 6 year old kids and start placing your orders!

Your child can collect all the souvenirs in this suitcase. 

Head on to to place your order on the best educational toys for 6 year old kids. The website’s creative educational toys are totally worth the money.