craft kitsKids craft activity kits are one of the great invention of the great minds these days. These crafts kits basically contain craft activities for kids. These kits do a marvelous job of entertaining the kids during the summer vacations. From card making to clay modeling these kits provide a variety of entertainment options to the kids. These Children's craft kits provide lovely gifts ideas that inspire creativity and fun, as well as they are a great way to get started with a new hobby in their life.

What Are Globe Trotter Craft Kits? 

One can purchase the best of activity box for kids from Globe trotters. Globe trotters provide World Travel activity Kits for the age of kids 4-12. They allow your child to imagine various countries while sitting at their homes. There are various funny and craft based fun activities in these craft kits. They also provide educational toys for 5 year olds. Each month the child receives a box full of Do-It-Yourself activities, games, puzzles and memento to discover a country.

What Is The Idea Behind These Kits?

 Our main idea behind these Craft kits is to inspire children to learn about the world and develop a sense of discovery and adventure in them while thinking of and fun and happiness. These craft kits are created while keeping the focus on developing a child’s creative skills, learning skills, imaginative skills, number skills, problem solving skills and fine motor skills

How To Subscribe These Kits?

Subscribe these kids according to the requirements of your little one. The Little Explorers boxes are suited for ages 4-6 years and Young Explorers boxes for 6-12 years.

Globe Trotters offer world travel activity kit subscriptions for 3 and 6 months. There are various single trial kits also available for the kids. You can also choose amongst them.

What Do These Kits Contain?

craft kits

Each monthly boxes will include countries like Australia, Japan, Egypt, Italy, UK and USA. The craft kits have been carefully designed and hand selected by the core team. Each of the packages are made with utmost care and attention to ensure the child has a fun and educational experience at the same time.

Each Box contains a special letter from Oyo, Zu and Wak (Moozoo mascots) to expose the child to the country they have visited with the special craft kit. The subscription box contains multiple art and craft projects, puzzles, games and mementos from around the world. All the material and instructions for the projects are included in the box.