Raising a kid is not a cakewalk. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider and always watch out before you swear to make sure they aren’t around. As parents, we all want our kids to get the best of everything and even when it comes to playing; we would be happy to look at some educational gifts for kids.

educational gifts for kids

However, these days, most kids get addicted to electronic gadgets, from a very young age, and all toys go unused. And if you don’t see any problem with your kid being this way, here is a list of reasons why electronic gadgets are bad for kids.

  - Your child is likely to get obsessed with it and which, according to study leads to more temper tantrums.

  - Hinders physical development.

  - Keeps them for socializing

  - Possibility of many kinds of health issues.

Globe Trotters Box – Educational Kits For Kids

 If you’re guilty of exposing your kid to smartphones or any electronic gadgets and not able to reverse it, here’s a solution for you! Globe Trotters box offers educational gifts for kids which are kits that will help your child learn about the various countries in the world and their cultures, all while having fun playing!

The kits are designed accordingly to kids from 4-12 years of ages. Also, if you’re having a party at home, this website also offers the best return gifts for kids! Read on to know the educational gifts for kids they have!

Educational Gifts for Kids – Explorer kits

The website has different kits for six different countries. The countries included are UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Egypt and Italy. Each of them comes with a souvenir which your kid can collect.

There are different kits for age groups 4-6 and age groups 6-12.You could place an order for them individually, or you could go for monthly subscriptions. Each kit costs you Rs.999.

Monthly subscription boxes

These ones provide educational gifts for kids at a much lesser price than the individual kits. The subscription kits are also available according to the age groups as mentioned earlier. There is a six months subscription kit and a three months subscription kit available. In the former section, each kit costs Rs.599 while in the latter one, each kit will be available to you at Rs.699.

One kit will be sent to you every month until the subscription period lasts. The three months subscription kit consists of countries Australia, Japan and Egypt while the six months subscription kit consists of all the countries.

educational gifts for kids

Party Boxes

You could choose a return gift activity box from the various party boxes that Globe Trotters Box has to offer. There’s the SuperHeroes Kit with which kids can learn to make capes and masks. The Fairy Kit can be used to make tiaras and wands.

There are also other kits with which kids can learn to make puppets, airplanes, rockets and there’s also a Christmas activity box. These boxes are also available for different age groups.

How to place an order

Now that you’re familiar with the products and wish to buy them, you’re just a few clicks away! Head on to Globe Trotters Box, select the age group, choose from the various products available and place your order!

If you’re looking to place a bulk order on educational gifts for kids, go to http://www.globetrottersbox.com/gift and look up the contact details. They also offer customized packages!