5 Things Every Child Needs to Hear


5 Things every child needs to hear

1.  “I love you.”

Tell your children you love them and tell them often. Loving them builds their confidence and gives them a feeling of happiness and joy. They feel valuable and worthy.

2. “I’m proud of you.”

Telling your kids that you are proud of them builds self-confidence and self-reliance in them. Gaining parents’ approval and acceptance is a very important need in children which is met when you tell them that you are proud of them. Be sincere in your approval of them!

3. “I’m sorry.”

Admitting your mistakes and saying sorry builds courage in kids to accept their imperfections or mistakes. This increases self-worth. They learn through you that it is OK not to be perfect. It builds tolerance and creates an open mind thereby making them better human beings.

4. “I forgive you.”

All of us make mistakes, including parents. Children are equally human and are expected to make mistakes too. By forgiving them you teach them an important human trait by making them compassionate

5. “You can do it.”

Encourage your children to have belief in them. Teach them to keep trying despite failure because failure is a form of success. Develop and promote self-esteem of kids as early as possible. Love them well.