best subscription box in IndiaCreative thinking and happy learning is what every parent dream of. Globe Trotters Box is one of the best subscription boxes in India that is available for kids, which encourages creativity since the very age of 4. It encourages curious and creative thinking within kids. It is considered better when the kids start to learn themselves also at a very tender age. Every month a learning box is delivered to the house to help parents in bringing out the best of their child.

What Learning Box Is All About?

This learning box for kids encourages kids to learn about the world in a jiffy. The Globe Trotters encourages craft activities for kids, making these boxes the best subscription boxes in India. These learning subscription boxes are created with a view of “fun”, another feature which makes these subscription boxes as the best Subscription boxes in India. Hands-on fun encourages children to learn new aspects about the geography and culture around the World while enjoying it to the fullest. There are 2 kinds of learning box options available for parents to choose from depending upon the age. For 4 to 6 years there shall be a learning box called little explorers, for above 6 years of age there is another learning box known as young explorers. The box can be brought upto the age of 12 years.

What Is Contained Inside The Box? 

best subscription box in India

There are games, puzzles, books etc inside the box. The contents of the box depend upon the contents of the box, the parents choose from. There are 100 types of options available to the parents to choose from. Everything that is contained inside the box is kept with a view to keep imagination, problem solving power and creativity at par.

Who Has Helped The Learning Box Reach The Level?

The helping hand of some creative parents is undeniable, their dream up projects have made the Globe Trotters Box as the best Subscription Boxes in India. The making of these boxes consists of a team of some creative parents and some expects who are there to review the dream up projects. The work of the team is to make the projects easy, fun-filled, engaging and at the same time learning.

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